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Previous Colonial Region Meets

Leominster, MA
November 12, 2017

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The Colonial Region held its fall meet once again at the DoubleTree Inn in Leominster, Massachusetts.

Our fourth time in Leominster, and our third Sunday meet, was an outstanding event. We had 143 members in attendance, along with 7 prospective new members for a total of 150 license plate collectors offering plates on every inch of the 103 tables sold. And this isn't even counting the friends and family members that also came to our fall meet. What's more, our registered members total more than any other regional meet in 2017 and more than half that of this year's International Convention!

As usual our doors opened at 8:00 am sharp and members and guests quickly filled the hall. Once inside the plate trading, friend greeting, story telling and coffee and danish consuming began and lasted all through the morning.

Following the regional announcements later in the morning Alan Young presented the well-deserved awards for member's plate displays.

Matthew Roberts, of Damariscotta, Maine captured the Junior Gold Award for his display entitled “My Collection.” His display featured plates from all the various categories of his collection.

Sam Farley, of Concord, Massachusetts, seized the Junior Silver Award for his display of Massachusetts Boat Dealer license plates.

Congratulations to our junior members!

John Willard, of Haverford, PA accepted the First Place, Passenger Display Award for his display of pre-state plates. John's pre-states also earned the Best of Show award.

Reid Williamson, of Richmond, Virginia took the First Place, Small Display Award for his display of no. 31 plates.

Kevin Ray, of Farmington, Connecticut received the First Place, Passenger Display Award for his display of the Connecticut Early American plates and memorabilia of John Boal.

And for traveling a (MapQuest verified) distance of 3,011 miles, the well earned Long Distance Award was presented to Jake Bear, of Lakeside, California.

Great job Gentlemen!

Our license plate savvy judges were: Chuck Bahor, Mike Glauboch, Gerry Griffin, Bill Dickerson, and Jake Bear. With the caliber of the displays presented it was no easy task to determine the winners.

After the Awards Ceremony, we moved right into our donation auction, called by Joe Macera and managed by Bob Senatro. Some pretty nice plates (some tough to find ones, too) were offered for bid.

Once the auction concluded Reid Williamson organized a group photo shoot and then the trading continued well into the afternoon.

As is now the norm for a Colonial Region Meet we had members attending from our own region's states (New England states and New York) plus Ariz., Cal., Colo., Fla., Ind., Ky., N.J., Ohio, Pa., Va., W.V. and New Brunswick. We should also include Delaware as it is well represented by our own Dave Lincoln.

We're going to be back at the VFW Post in New Britain in February. We hope you will be too!

Arundel, ME
July 22, 2017

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The Colonial Region made its first return to the state of Maine in many years on Saturday, July 22nd. Hosting this meet was Tim Stentiford, at his antique and classic automobile dealership and restoration facility, Motorland. Attendees have come to expect great things from Colonial Region meets, and this was no exception. Forty-plus members and guests attended the meet, which was held indoors with antique cars lined along all the walls. A catered barbecue lunch was provided as a surprise, free of charge thank you from the Region to everyone in attendance. With four new members signed up that day, and members from as far as Arizona and Prince Edward Island, Canada, this event embodies what the ALPCA spirit is all about. Haven't experienced a Colonial Region event? Join us in Leominster, Massachusetts on Sunday November 12th and see for yourself - we will have 100 tables inside a 7,800 square foot facility!

Brattleboro, VT
June 10, 2017

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We were back for the second time at VFW Post 1034 in Brattleboro, Vermont on Saturday, June 10, 2017 for another great Colonial Region meet. Trading on the floor was busy from 8:00 A.M. right through the morning. At mid-day we had a brief business meeting followed by a very successful auction. Besides the generous plate donations made by members we offered for bid a hand-made wreath constructed of patches of fabric displaying images of license plates. The wreath drew quite a bit of interest. Our meet was hosted by Conrad Hughson. The auction was called by Alan Young and coordinated by Bob Senatro. Our thanks to Al Matthews for our group photo. The Colonial Region meets continue to attract members from around the corner to around the county (and Canada). We will be meeting again at Motorland in Arundel, Maine on Saturday, July 22, 2017 and on Sunday November 12, 2017 at the DoubleTree Hotel in Leominster, Massachusetts, So whether you are from New England, New York, New Jersey or New Mexico you are welcome at a Colonial Region Meet!

Bob Senatro,
Secretary, Colonial Region

New Britain, CT
February 4, 2017

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This was our first time in this central Connecticut location. This hall offered easy access and enough space for sixty or more tables as well as our Winter Meet attendance of a record-setting 103 registrations including 91 members and 12 guests!

Doors opened promptly at 8:00 AM for registration and a busy day of trading began as fast as plates hit the tables and members hit the floor. Trading continued well into the afternoon with the only interruptions being announcements, our donation auction and a group photo. Once again, our friend of the Colonial Region Joey Hurd from Florida donated a nice selection of plates for our auction. A few of which were offered for bid at the start of our auction by Alan Young. Our thanks to Joey! The rest of the plates donated to the auction were called by Joe Macera. The auction was coordinated by Bob Senatro. A Massachusetts passenger plate autographed by Tight End Rob Gronkowski, number 87 for the Super Bowl LI Champion New England Patriots helped to make our auction a great success.

It is becoming more common to see ALPCA members travelling from afar to come to a Colonial Region Meet. We gladly welcomed fellow collectors from AZ, DE, IN, KY, MD, NJ, OH, OK and PA as well as our own region.

Doughnuts and bagels were available free of charge in the morning to the those attending our meet while coffee, breakfast and lunch were offered by members of Post 511.

Our registration table was manned by Dick Yourga and Alan Young. Photo images were provided by Cindy Merritt.

The next Colonial Region meet will be in Brattleboro, Vermont on June 10, 2017 so mark your calendar and come see us.

Bob Senatro,
Secretary, Colonial Region

Leominster, MA
November 6, 2016

99 ALPCA members and 17 guests attended the Colonial Region's Fall 2016 Meet held at the Doubletree Inn in Leominster, Massachusetts on Sunday, November 6, 2016. Our third time in Leominster was packed full of activities. We had plenty of buying, selling and trading, members from near and far, award winning displays, a great auction and nominations for our biennial election.
Once again we were honored to have members fill our 7800-sq. ft. of Ballroom space. Some also took advantage of the host hotel's special room rate by staying in Leominster the night before the meet. We registered Plate Collectors from Arizona, Florida, Indiana, Kentucky, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Virginia as well as from New Brunswick, Quebec and Prince Edward Island with the majority of attending members from the Colonial Region's home states. We also welcomed a new member that joined ALPCA during our meet. Awards for displays were presented by our meet host Alan Young. Ed Butler won Passenger-1st place, with NJ pre-states 1903 through 1907. John Willard won Non-Passenger-1st place with his Number one "actual issued" display.
Sam Farley won Junior Display-Gold Award with his Massachusetts and Vermont favorite non-passenger types.
Rick Sutton won Small Display-1st Place with his display of Massachusetts Distinctive Plates which also took the Best of Show! Our Long-Distance Award went to Steve Benson (ALPCA # 6649) of Gilbert, Arizona. Auctioneer Joe Macera and Auction Coordinator Bob Senatro collected and presented donation plates for bid in one of our best auctions yet. Special thanks (again) go to Joe Hurd for sending more of his great contributions up from Florida to be auctioned. We also thank Chuck Sakryd for sharing his auction expertise with us.
ALPCA requires that all regions elect their Directors every two years. Our region received four nominations for the three Director's positions. As only three of the nominations were accepted those three individuals became the region's new Board of Directors. Alan Young and Dick Yourga continue into their second terms as Directors while Bob Senatro will fill the third director position. Our utmost appreciation goes to Richard Dragon, outgoing director, for his leadership and contributions to our region.

Our heartfelt thanks also go to our guest Celeste Michaud for generously volunteering to handle the registration duties for our Fall Meet.

Unfortunately, the Region did have some sad news to share during our business meeting.
David Kuehn (ALPCA number 1953) passed away on November 1, 2016. David was a major force in the Colonial Region, well known and respected and largely responsible for keeping our region operating over the last two decades. A moment of silence was held for David followed by many members coming forward to speak on his behalf. David will be missed but not soon be forgotten.

Our next Colonial Region meet will be in New Britain, Connecticut on Saturday, February 4, 2017. If you want to come to another great Colonial Region meet mark your calendars now and come and see for yourself!

Respectfully submitted,
Bob Senatro,
Secretary, Colonial Region

Hopewell Jct., NY
September 10, 2016

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The Colonial Region members met on Saturday, September 10 in Hopewell Junction, NY for a Summer gathering of License Plate collectors. Walter Oudheusden, Roy Rich and John Villani, welcomed everyone to the annual event. Heavy rain and some major road construction did not deter the forty-two members and 3 guests from attending. We were very happy to welcome some of the directors of the Colonial Region--Rich Dragon, and Alan Young and Bob Senatro, Secretary of the Colonial Region. We want to thank Bob Senatro for the extra plus effort of coming early and setting up and operating the electronic registration. Cindy Merritt was a huge help at the registration table, as well as gathering some great photos. The meet was well attended by members who make a point to "save the date" and join us each September. Members represented NY, VA, PA, MA, CT, NJ, OH, RI, VT. and Indiana's Chuck Bahor made the long journey. Definite plans were not made for the 2017 meet - but the "regular attenders" are already looking forward to next year's gathering at the Knights of Columbus Hall, where we have been warmly welcomed for the past few years and invited to return for 2017's event.

Brattleboro, Vermont
May 21, 2016

The Colonial Region's triumphant return to the State of Vermont was held on Saturday, May 21, 2016. Conrad Hughson hosted our Spring Meet at the Brattleboro VFW Post 1034 in Brattleboro, Vermont. The registration tally was 78 members and 6 guests with 61 tables sold. Beside the Region's states we had representation from AZ, FL, IN, KY, NJ, PA, Ontario and Quebec. Trading was busy from 8:00 AM until the afternoon with the only interruptions being the auction and the delivered pizza that followed. Those in attendance donated a great assortment of plates which were supplemented by a generous contribution from Joe Hurd in Florida. Thanks Joe! Alan Young called the auction which was coordinated by Bob Senatro. This meet was well attended and easy to find with good lodging and dining near-by. Come and enjoy the next Colonial Region meet with us!

Respectfully Submitted,
Bob Senatro,
Secretary, Colonial Region

Hadley, Massachusetts
February 27, 2016

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Colonial Region Winter 2016 Meet Report:

The Colonial Region membership attended and enjoyed the second winter meet held at the Hadley Farms Meeting House in Hadley, Massachusetts and hosted by Dick Yourga.

Colonial Region member Cindy Merritt took it upon herself to capture plenty of images to help us remember this great meet. 89 members, including four that joined ALPCA at this meet and five guests kept the trading and camaraderie lively well into the afternoon. Along with our New York and New England members we welcomed collectors from Mid-Atlantic states, as well as Kentucky, Arizona and Quebec. Some members took advantage of lodging at the Hampton Inn located right on the premises of this easily accessible venue. The region's meets have become the place to be for plate collecting. Check out our upcoming meet listings then come see for yourself!

Respectfully Submitted,
Bob Senatro,
Secretary, Colonial Region

Leominster, Massachusetts
November 1, 2015

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Colonial Region Fall 2015 Meet Report: 111 ALPCA members and 8 guests attended the Colonial Region's fall 2015 meet held at the Doubletree Inn in Leominster, Massachusetts on Sunday, November 1, 2015. This was our second time in Leominster but our first meet held on a Sunday.

We occupied 7800 square feet of ballroom space and offered 100 tables for trading at this year's meet. This is up from the fall 2014 meet with 5000 square feet and 75 tables for trading. As our fall meet attendance has increased by 66% since 2012, meeting on Sunday allowed us the space we now need at a rate that would not have been possible on a Saturday.

An informal polling of the members in attendance was overwhelmingly positive toward having some future Colonial Region meets on Sundays.

Although the bulk of attendance was from the northeast states we were honored to have members from Arizona, Delaware, Florida, Michigan, Virginia and Washington State as well as from New Brunswick, Quebec and Prince Edward Island! Our Long Distance award went to John Shoesmith (ALPCA # 8226) from Redmond, Washington.

Awards for displays were granted to Sam Farley (Junior Gold - US Dealer Run), John Rice (Junior Silver - European Run), Bill Christian (Passenger 1st Place - Railroad Theme Display), Reid Williamson (Non Passenger 1st Place - 1 through 100 Anything but Passenger), Don Asselin (Small Display 1st Place - 1904 Rhode Island), and Kevin Ray (Best of Show - 1955 Connecticut Speaker of the House Legislature Plates). Some truly great displays!

In addition to winning the Junior Silver, 10-year-old Mainer John Rice became the club's newest member at the fall meet. His membership number (assigned after the meet) is 12176. What a great way to start in ALPCA and the Colonial Region!

Auctioneer Joe Macera and Auction Coordinator Bob Senatro collected and offered up donation plates for bid in our best auction yet. Special thanks go to Joe Hurd for sending some nice graphics for the auction all the way from Florida.

The Colonial Region's meets are lasting longer into the day, attracting more members and guests and bringing in collectors from greater distances. The trading is brisk, the displays are interesting and the membership in attendance is enthusiastic. Come to a Colonial Region meet and see for yourself!

Respectively submitted,
Bob Senatro
Secretary, Colonial Region

Leominster, Massachusetts
October 25, 2014

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The Colonial Region welcomed well over 100 ALPCA members and guests to its flagship meet for 2014 in a 5,000 sq. ft. function room at the DoubleTree by Hilton, where out-of-town attendees were able to stay Friday night in style. All 75 tables were filled with "for sale" and "for trade" material, and activity was brisk (to put it mildly) throughout the morning and well into the afternoon. Wonderful displays of all shapes and sizes lined the walls, presenting an enjoyable challenge for judges as they made their rounds. Members were in attendance from Arizona, California, Florida, Kentucky, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and all six New England states as well as the Canadian provinces of Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick. Don Asselin, Mike Crosby, Sam Farley, Gerry Griffin, and Terry Gulick were awarded first place plaques for their fine displays, and Scott Broady took the Long Distance Award home with him cross-country to California. During the business meeting Rich Dragon, Alan Young, and Dick Yourga were elected to fill the three director positions, and together they will guide the region's meet planning, events, and general business activities for the next two years. Secretary/Treasurer Dave Kuehn manned the registration desk cordially welcoming ALPCA members and their guests as well as tracking our donation auction. Following a lively donation auction organized by Bob Senatro and with auctioneer extraordinaire Joe Macera at the microphone, trading remained active until well into mid-afternoon.



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